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Laser & BBL Rosacea Therapy

Rosacea therapy with the Sciton laser allows Dr. Vick to precisely treat targeted areas using light energy. The laser gently heats blood vessels, causing them to break down and shrink. The result is a reduction in redness or visible veins.

Your treatment will be tailored to address your individual skin condition and desired result. Healing time will depend on your specific treatment, but there is generally little-to-no downtime and you may resume your normal daily activity immediately. You may experience some temporary redness after the procedure.

During your consultation, we will determine the best course of treatment to address your individual skin care needs.

Click here to watch a video on the Forever Young/BBL procedure as seen on Dr. Oz.

*Individual patient results may vary. Contact us to learn about variances in the number of treatments that may be required, the results that can be expected, and factors that affect these results.


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