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Juvederm is a transparent, injectable gel that can improve your appearance by reducing facial lines and wrinkles. Juvederm contains hyaluronic acid, a natural sugar that boosts skin elasticity. Juvederm has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of facial wrinkles and folds, and is available in two formations: Juvederm Ultra, which is a regular filler, and Juvederm Ultra Plus, which is used to treat deeper facial folds.

Juvederm supplements your body’s natural supply of hyaluronic acid, which depletes as you age. The gel is injected into the skin of the face, where it lifts and adds volume to wrinkles. Because of its gel consistency, it provides a smooth and natural looking appearance.

Juvederm can be used to:

  • Add volume to the folds between the cheeks and nose
  • Plump up the lines between the nose and outer corners of the mouth
  • Enhance lip volume
  • Reshape cheek and nose contours
  • Reduce the appearance of acne scars
  • Fill in depressions under the eyes

*Individual patient results may vary. Contact us to learn about variances in the number of treatments that may be required, the results that can be expected, and factors that affect these results.