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About Dr. Vick

Meet Dr. Vick

Dr. Maurice Vick is a graduate of Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, and LSU Medical School, New Orleans, where he graduated at the top of his class. He completed a Urologic Surgery residency at Charity Hospital in New Orleans, LA, and was certified by the American board of Urology. During his educational career, he was recognized by AOA, the prestigious National Medical Honor Society, for his academic accomplishments. He was also honored by LSU Medical School at his graduation, where he was named the most outstanding member of his class. He was awarded a National Heart Institute fellowship and was chief of his specialty at two U.S. Public Health Service Hospitals. Dr. Vick practiced Urology for twenty years in the Baton Rouge area. During that time he helped bring many cutting-edge technologies to our area from his post-graduate training in Germany and Denmark, including lithotripsy, and prostatic seed implantation (Brachytherapy).

Subsequently, Dr. Vick became interested in aesthetic medicine. He met and became friends with some of the world's leaders in this dynamic new field. Under their tutorship, he learned many new techniques. Dr. Vick regularly attends regional and international meetings to share with, and gain knowledge, from his contemporaries, allowing him to stay on top of new developments in aesthetic medicine.

He returned to Baton Rouge several years ago, bringing with him new innovative techniques he learned in the South Beach area. He has equipped his office with some of the latest and most effective medical equipment, including a Sciton Laser — the first in the region. This laser offers a wide array of aesthetic and surgical procedures. A revolutionary treatment, called ”forever young”, has been shown by Stanford University medical studies to reverse aging in skin cell genes, creating a more youthful skin. This is one of his most popular treatments.

Dr. Vick and his assistant Charlotte have both been decorated as fellows by the prestigious ASLMS (American Society for Lasers in Medicine and Surgery).

Dr. Vick also acquired the area's first Zeltiq CoolSculpting machine in 2011. This equipment provides a non-invasive, minimum to no-downtime, way to reduce unwanted fat. CoolSculpting is used to treat the stubborn lumps, bumps and bulges that are difficult, or often impossible to reduce by exercise and diet alone. Dr. Vick’s Spa has 3 machines, allowing speedy treatment of multiple areas at the same time, thus decreasing your office stay. Dr. Vick is the #1 provider of CoolSculpting in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama for 2012.

Dr. Vick also has the area's first Dermosonic machine, which is used to treat cellulite, and to smooth out lumps that may appear after liposuction. This is a very popular procedure in Europe and California, especially Beverly Hills, where Dr. Vick trained. The Dermosonic machine has also been featured recently on "The Doctors" TV program, being demonstrated by their trainer Lynn Banfi.

Dr. Vick’s Spa also offers the Ideal Protein Diet to assist in weight reduction. This popular diet helps to bring about rapid loss of weight, improving other medical conditions, such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Another new addition to the Baton Rouge area is Dr. Vick's ClearToe Laser treatment for nail fungus disease, the first and only one available in Louisiana. The ClearToe Laser can clear nail fungal infections in up to 80% of patients, without having to resort to potentially toxic oral medications.

Dr. Vick's motto is “Don't Just Age Gracefully, Fight it all the way.” He personally follows this advice, and endeavors to assist his many patients in doing likewise.